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Visual Brand Identity + Website Program


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 We unleash your magic through building your brand's unique visual language and design. This brand design package helps you delve into what you do, why you do what you do, position your brand, articulate with clarity and express your brand essence. Exploring brand archetypes at an introductionary level will drive the direction of the visual design. 


So, how do we do this?

1. Build a visual brand identity that articulates consistency, clarity, authority.
2. Showcase you through a wicked online presence and a highly converting website.

short answer:

long answer:

It's time to be seen, be heard and make an impactful pivot, showcasing your unique brand of awesomeness to the world, a global audience, with truth, courage and conviction. A strategically aligned, psychology-driven, converting website and online presence. 
Pivoting across your social media handles, branding applied to your online platforms, profiles, headers, email signature. Creating a branded visible consistency in your online spaces. 

What if I just want a website?

ahh... are you thinking...

If you already have a visual brand identity that you love and feel that it aligns with you, then I'm happy to work with your existing brand assets to design and build your new online space.

A website is not just a pretty holding space for your assets. Strong messaging and a recognisable brand voice supported by delicious visuals creates an impactful, strategic designed, psychology-driven irresistible website.

I've Got You Covered Website package investment starts at $3900. 

Often, you may already have a logo to work with but the remaining elements of your brand (like your fonts, colours, imagery and graphics) need a little tender care. Therefore, we'll review your existing visual identity prior to the start of the project to ensure that the visual identity is aligned with your overall brand strategy.

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 I had no idea what to expect!
I knew my brand would be something no other artist has because I can’t stand to be mainstream.  And I had no idea how brand processes work or how to create a brand...
I relied completely on Charli to guide me through the process.
I found more of me and solidified who I was and how I felt about my work.  Through questions from Charli and clarifying  conversations, I can honestly say, the brand is me.

what is it like working with Charli 


Cherie Monteferrante -The Glitter Artist
The Signature Experience


I had a ton of ideas that represented my business, but nothing coherent, and nothing visual. Thus whenever I tried to represent myself in the marketplace it felt very disjointed and "bitsy".
Working with Charli I finally honed my core business values, which not only added value to the branding design process, but also started making my business decisions clearer too. Bonus!
Charli's process drew out ideas and concepts I initially didn't even have language for and beautifully, intuitively and artfully melded them into branding and a logo that is unique, distinctive and that I love. 

what is it like working with Charli 


Sherryn Bowers - Strong Women Rise

To work with you for my branding was a fantastic journey.
It was nothing like I thought it would be.
It was better!
I learnt so much about myself in the process and my new brand is totally everything I stand for.

what is it like working with Charli 


Gigi Gem

She took the time and interest in listening to me talk about my style, my business, the tone of my branding I was looking for.
It was so much more involved than I ever thought branding could be because she made it personal and made my brand fit me and my business. 

what is it like working with Charli 


Julie Hatch - MOMS Mums On A Mission

Good God, the process was a terrifying yet extremely rewarding experience of introspection, patience and fun!

I learned that your brand and your soul should align. If it doesn’t feel (look) right to you, then something’s off.  If your brand doesn’t represent who you truly are, your message will feel fake and un-motivating for you as well as your customers.

what is it like working with Charli 


Cherie Monteferrante - The Glitter Artist